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What is Sucosoft S40 V5.0 and how to use it with PS4/PS416 PLCs

Sucosoft S40 V5.0 is a programming software for Moeller PS4/PS416 PLCs that follows the IEC 1131-3 standard. It has a user-friendly interface and supports five languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. It also offers a large library of functional modules that can simplify and speed up the programming process[^1^].

With Sucosoft S40 V5.0, you can program and diagnose compact and modular Moeller controllers from a central location through network programming. You can also implement complex applications such as closed-loop control, SMS messaging, MODBUS/JBUS communication and floating point arithmetic using application modules or software function blocks[^2^].

Sucosoft S40 V5.0 is a 32-bit software that can run on Windows operating systems 98 (SE), ME, NT 4.0 (SP6), 2000 (SP2), XP and XP Pro. It also introduces new features such as automatic variable declaration and structured text programming[^2^].

To use Sucosoft S40 V5.0 with PS4/PS416 PLCs, you need to install the software on your PC and connect it to the PLC via a serial or Ethernet cable. You can then create a new project or open an existing one, select the PLC model and configure the hardware settings. You can also import or export variables, function blocks and libraries from other projects or sources. You can then write your program using one of the five languages: ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), instruction list (IL), sequential function chart (SFC) or structured text (ST). You can also use online functions such as monitoring, debugging, forcing and downloading to test and optimize your program[^3^].

Sucosoft S40 V5.0 is a powerful and versatile software that can help you program Moeller PS4/PS416 PLCs efficiently and effectively. You can download it from[^1^] or from the Moeller FTP server[^2^]. You can also find more information and tutorials on how to use it on the same websites.

In this section, we will show you how to create a simple program using Sucosoft S40 V5.0 and a PS4-141-MM1 PLC. The program will turn on a lamp when a pushbutton is pressed and turn it off when another pushbutton is released.

First, you need to connect the PLC to your PC using a serial cable and power it on. Then, you need to open Sucosoft S40 V5.0 and create a new project. You can name it as you wish and select the PS4-141-MM1 as the PLC model. You can also choose the language of your preference. We will use ladder diagram (LD) for this example.

Next, you need to configure the hardware settings of the PLC. You can do this by clicking on the Hardware Configuration icon on the toolbar or by selecting Hardware Configuration from the Project menu. You will see a window with a graphical representation of the PLC and its modules. You can drag and drop modules from the library on the left to the slots on the right. For this example, we will use a DI4/DO4 module in slot 1 and an AI2/AO2 module in slot 2. You can also double-click on each module to change its parameters, such as address, mode and scaling.

After configuring the hardware, you need to write your program logic. You can do this by clicking on the Program Editor icon on the toolbar or by selecting Program Editor from the Project menu. You will see a window with a blank ladder diagram where you can insert contacts, coils and function blocks. You can also use the variable declaration table at the bottom to define your inputs, outputs and internal variables.

For this example, we will use two inputs (I1 and I2) for the pushbuttons and one output (Q1) for the lamp. We will also use an internal variable (M1) as an auxiliary memory bit. The logic of the program is as follows: when I1 is ON, M1 is set to ON; when I2 is OFF, M1 is reset to OFF; Q1 follows the state of M1. You can write this logic using three rungs as shown below:





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