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JoyToKey 6.4 Beta Key

I have the most up to date DCS 2.7 open beta and news A-4E mod v2 (downloaded Jan 07) and began flying again after a long absence. Flew off the USS Forestall and successfully landed on the carrier. I love Canadian content so I tried the RCN livery created by 'bulico' created in Aug 2020 which did work fine but now does not. The words 'missing texture' can be seen on the fuselage and there are rectangle patches like tetris.

JoyToKey 6.4 Beta Key

Gaming Keyboard Splitter Change logGaming Keyboard Splitter version on June 2019-Added the ability to control the splitter 'block keyboards' and 'block mice' from Splitter Game.- Added the ability to specify arguments to splitter game executable.- Windows reports that some executable files are being closed right after they are opened.- Game manager will avoid showing useless modal dialogs, which informs the user that the game executable has been closed, when such case is detected so the use will be notified for that and need to stop the emulation manually.Download Keyboard Splitter v2.1.0.0Gaming Keyboard Splitter version on June 15 2019Fixed issue #15 (Cannot delete a preset)Download Keyboard Splitter v2.0.0.4Gaming Keyboard Splitter Release 2.0 beta RC1 on Oct 5, 2017This release has absolutely new core. It improves the code readability and maintainability.Main features added:- Better Windows 10 support (some users had problems with native modules loading)- Mice support (allows you to use keyboards and mice for each slot)- User settings (allows you to change various app settings)- Game manager (allows you to save slot states and run specific game)- Preset manager (allows you to import/export presets)- Xinput controller tester (allows you to test virtual and real xinput controllers)- Controller subtype patcher (allows you to change real and virtual xinput controllers subtype to guitar in example)- Known bugs: Mouse resizing is slow.Download Keyboard Splitter v2.0.0.3


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