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Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard

Buy Daoc Plat

If you're worrying about your template and out of date armor, there is a solution to get you started until you work up enough items and plat to create a new template for your characters!Visit the King's throne room in the capital cities and collect free epic armor, weapons, and jewelry. These items are only for level 50 toons and are viable for RvR and PvE. With Patch 1.122a, new Illustrious items were added to aid iin capping stats for your chracter. These are purchasable with Bounty Points (bps) in the King's throne room.

buy daoc plat

Dark Age of Camelot Platinum is a form of currency in the game. DAoC Platinum has the highest value with lesser denominations as follows: 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 1000 gold = 1 platinum. Players may accumulate coin by engaging in RvR combat, PvE hunting, crafting by means of Tradeskills, trinketing, and the sale of items on the in-game player market. Players defeated in RvR and monsters slain in PvE drop some quantity of coins. DAoC Platinum can be spent to upgrade items and equipment. With sufficient money, any player can even purchase a house. As with any MMORPG, money can buy things showing off the character's status. 041b061a72


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