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The Dacait Queens 2 In Hindi: A Review of the Bhojpuri Movie Dubbed in Hindi

The Dacait Queens 2 In Hindi Free Download: A Review of the Action-Packed Sequel

If you are a fan of action, drama, and female empowerment, you might want to check out The Dacait Queens 2, a Bhojpuri movie that has been dubbed in Hindi for a wider audience. This movie is the sequel to the 1999 hit Dacait Queen, which was inspired by the life of Phoolan Devi, a notorious bandit leader who later became a politician. In this article, we will tell you what The Dacait Queens 2 is about, how you can watch it online for free, what are the reviews and ratings of the movie, and what are the trailer and songs of the movie.

The Dacait Queens 2 In Hindi Free Download

What is The Dacait Queens 2 about?

The plot and the characters of the movie

The Dacait Queens 2 follows the story of four women who join forces to fight against injustice and oppression in their village. They are:

  • Brianna 'Professor Sex' Robinson (Eve), a former professor who was fired for exposing corruption in her college.

  • Jill 'Da Thrill' Sumpter (Naturi Naughton), a former boxer who was banned from competing for being transgender.

  • Valeria 'Butter Pecan' Mendez (Nadine Velazquez), a former beauty queen who was disowned by her family for marrying a lower-caste man.

  • Naomi 'Xplicit Lyrics' (Brandy Norwood), a former rapper who was blacklisted by the music industry for speaking out against sexism and racism.

These four women form a gang called The Dacait Queens, which means bandit queens in Hindi. They rob from the rich and corrupt, and give to the poor and oppressed. They also seek revenge against those who have wronged them in the past, such as rapists, murderers, politicians, and businessmen. They become a symbol of hope and resistance for their people, but also a target of hatred and fear for their enemies.

The genre and the themes of the movie

The Dacait Queens 2 is a mix of action, drama, comedy, and musical. It has thrilling scenes of chases, fights, explosions, and stunts. It also has emotional scenes of friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption. It has humorous scenes of banter, sarcasm, and satire. And it has musical scenes of songs, dances, and performances.

The movie explores various themes such as gender equality, social justice, caste discrimination, corruption, violence, revenge, forgiveness, loyalty, courage, and love. It challenges the stereotypes and norms that b70169992d


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