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The Benefits of Using Cambridge Advanced Grammar In Use on CD-ROM [ISO PDF] for Grammar Learning and Testing

Based on learners' feedback on the previous edition, this new edition has been fully revised to include lots of new grammar topics and expand the accompanying CD-ROM package. It is a'must buy' for learners studying for all three examinations on the CPE programme and the IELTS, an important resource for teachers, and of particular value to everyone in business or industry, in government and diplomacy, and for global citizens.

Cambridge Advanced Grammar In Use On CD-ROM [ISO PDF]

An innovative audio-visual solution to help students learn English by using pictures, illustrations, spoken feedback and built-in spoken English practice. The answers are displayed on-screen for immediate response. With more than 550 illustrations covering all main grammar topics, this edition of the world-famous Cambridge Grammar books will consolidate students' knowledge of grammar, broaden their vocabulary and promote their pronunciation. In each grammar unit, the book includes one or more illustrations, which engage learners and motivate them to practise the grammar in context. The accompanying CD-ROM is a supplementary resource, which is designed to reinforce the language learned in the book. Each of its exercises is set up to be personalized by learners. The experts at Cambridge University Press have translated this two-volume book to make it easier for students to learn English at a faster pace. In addition to the CD-ROM, the accompanying unit book includes a CD-ROM with more than 200 interactive exercises that reinforce the language learned in the book.

Michael McCarthy is Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham, UK. He holds/has held Visiting and Adjunct Professorships at the University of Limerick, Ireland, Newcastle University, UK, and Penn State University, USA. He is an Honorary Professor of the University of Valencia, Spain. He has been involved in the study and teaching of English for 52 years. Since the 1980s he has worked with computerised corpora, investigating the vocabulary and grammar of present-day English, with a focus on everyday spoken language. He is author of more than 50 books and 112 academic articles. He has lived and taught in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Malaysia.


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