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Le Mystère Des Disparus Du Clair De Lune: Un Roman Policier Historique (epub 13) [EXCLUSIVE]

Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune: A Thrilling Historical Mystery

If you are looking for a captivating and suspenseful novel set in the 18th century France, you should check out Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune by Christelle Dabos. This book is the second installment of the bestselling series Les Fils de la Lune, which follows the adventures of Ophelia, a young woman who can read the past of objects and travel through mirrors.

Le mystère des disparus du clair de lune: un roman policier historique (epub 13)

In Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune, Ophelia is sent to the court of Louis XIV, where she has to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances that occur every full moon. She soon realizes that she is not the only one with special abilities, and that there is a dark conspiracy behind the crimes. She also has to deal with her arranged marriage to Thorn, a cold and secretive man who seems to have his own agenda.

Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune is a gripping and immersive story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will love the rich and detailed historical setting, the complex and intriguing characters, and the twists and turns of the plot. You will also enjoy the magical and romantic elements that add spice and charm to the story.

If you want to read Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune, you can download it as an epub file from various online platforms. Epub is a popular and convenient format that allows you to read ebooks on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. Epub 13 is the latest version of epub that offers improved features and compatibility.

Dont miss this opportunity to dive into a fascinating and thrilling world of mystery, magic, and romance. Download Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune epub 13 today and enjoy this amazing novel!

Les Disparus Du Clair De Lune is the sequel to Les Passeurs de Lumière, the first book of Les Fils de la Lune series. In Les Passeurs de Lumière, we meet Ophelia, a shy and clumsy girl who lives on Anima, a floating island where people can manipulate objects with their minds. Ophelia works as a curator in a museum, where she uses her rare gift of reading the past of objects to uncover their secrets.

Her life changes when she is forced to marry Thorn, a distant and powerful man from the Pole, another floating island where people can control the climate. She has to leave her family and friends behind and move to the icy and hostile land of her husband. There, she discovers that Thorn is part of a secret organization called the Passeurs de Lumière, who can travel through mirrors and protect the balance of the world.

Ophelia soon finds herself involved in a dangerous game of power and intrigue, where nothing is what it seems and everyone has ulterior motives. She also develops feelings for Thorn, despite his cold and mysterious demeanor. She learns that he has a tragic past that haunts him and that he is hiding a terrible secret that could endanger them both.

Les Passeurs de Lumière is a captivating and original novel that introduces us to a fascinating and complex world of magic and politics. It is also a touching and romantic story of two people who have to overcome their differences and prejudices to find love and happiness. 04f6b60f66


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