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Dota 1 Custom Keys 13 NEW!

Do someone has any any idea why the custom hotkeys are not working, even after repair and manual change? Would be grateful if someone has a solution, or a programme to set up custom keys again, since the official base hotkeys for TFT are really badly aligned.

dota 1 custom keys 13

I just helped somebody fix this issue with the latest patch and he got it working by reinstalling his game and placing the customkeys into the default location (not the x86 folder) but I suppose it may be different for everybody as this game has weird quirks that vary from person to person

The hotkeys settings can be accessed by clicking on the little gear icon in the most top left corner in the main menu. Here, the player can customize many hotkeys, or select one of the many pre-set hotkey templates. Almost every key on the keyboard can be bound to something, with a very few exceptions. The exceptions usually have a set purpose in the game and thus are unbindable.

Basic hotkeys are active while playing a match. The player can change the hotkeys at any time, even during a match. There are hotkeys for abilities, items, unit actions, shop actions, chat, interface and control groups.

In the Advanced Hotkey Settings, there are additional settings for unit actions, shop actions, interface and control groups, and the hotkeys for camera actions, saved camera positions and some hotkey setting options.

These keys are the assignment for saved camera positions. In order to bind a position to a key, move the camera to the desired spot and then press Ctrl+Camera Position Key. Pressing the Hotkey now will move the camera to the saved spot. Pressing it again moves it back to where it was before.

These are the hotkeys for the ingame chat. Besides hotkeys, there also is a chat wheel function and pre-listed common phrases which the player can assign keys to as well. The chat wheel and this phrases are displayed in the ingame chat upon using.

The chat phrases menu allows player to bind certain set phrases to hotkeys. Upon pressing the hotkey, a phrase will be put in the chat for your team or for everyone, depending on what phrase it is.By default, none of the phrases are bound to any key. The chat wheel is by default empty. The player has to select the phrases manually if the use of chat wheel is desired.

These Hotkeys do not interfere with the basic/advanced hotkeys. While basic/advanced hotkeys are only active while actually playing a match, the spectator hotkeys are only active while spectating a live game or watching a replay.

DotA has its roots in the "Aeon of Strife" custom map for StarCraft. The scenario was developed with the World Editor of Reign of Chaos, and was updated upon the release of its expansion, The Frozen Throne. There have been many variations of the original concept, the most popular being DotA Allstars, eventually simplified to DotA. The mod has been maintained by several authors during development, with the pseudonymous designer known as IceFrog maintaining the game since the mid-2000s.

Blizzard Entertainment's 1998 real-time strategy game StarCraft shipped with a campaign editor that allowed players to create custom levels, complete with scripted triggers.[10] One such custom map was "Aeon of Strife". Instead of controlling multiple units and managing buildings, players controlled a single hero unit as they fought against waves of enemies.[9][11][12]

Blizzard followed StarCraft with the real-time strategy game Warcraft III in 2002. As with Warcraft II and StarCraft, Blizzard included a free World Editor in the game that allows players to create custom scenarios or maps for the game, which can be played online with other players through Warcraft III also featured powerful hero units that leveled up and could equip items to boost their abilities, and the World Editor enabled mapmakers to create their own.[11] Taking inspiration from Aeon of Strife and using the expanded capabilities of the World Editor, modder Kyle "Eulogizing" Sommer created the first version of Defense of the Ancients in 2003.[13] The heroes could now sport different abilities and level up skills and equipment.[12] After the release of Warcraft III's expansion The Frozen Throne, which added new features to the World Editor, Eul did not update the scenario and made his map code open-source.[11][14] Other mapmakers produced Defense of the Ancients spinoffs that added new heroes, items, and features. Among the DotA variants created in the wake of Eul's map, there was DotA Allstars, originally created and developed by custom map makers Meian and Ragn0r, who took the most popular heroes and compiled them into one map.[11] In March 2004, map maker Steve "Guinsoo" Feak assumed control of Allstars development.[15] Feak said when he began developing DotA Allstars, he had no idea how popular the game would eventually become.[16] Feak added a recipe system for items so that player's equipment would scale as they grew more powerful, as well as a powerful boss character called Roshan (named after his bowling ball) who required an entire team to defeat.[13]

Feak used a chat channel as a place for DotA players to congregate, but DotA Allstars had no official site for discussions and hosting. Subsequently, the leaders of the DotA Allstars clan, TDA, proposed that a dedicated web site be created to replace the various online alternatives that were infrequently updated or improperly maintained. TDA member Steve "Pendragon" Mescon created an official community site,[13]

Towards the end of his association with the map in 2005, Feak handed over control to another developer.[11] The new author, IceFrog, added new features, heroes, and fixes.[12] IceFrog was at one time highly reclusive, refusing to give interviews; the only evidence of his authorship was the map maker's email account on the official website and the name branded on the game's loading screen.[17] Defense of the Ancients was maintained via official forums. Users posted ideas for new heroes or items, some of which were added to the map. IceFrog would quickly update the map in response to feedback.[17] Mescon maintained, which by May 2009 had over 1,500,000 registered users and received over one million unique visitors every month.[18] Mescon's sale of the domain to Riot Games split the DotA community,[4] and IceFrog announced a new official site,, while continuing game development.[19]

Because Warcraft III custom games have none of the features designed to improve game quality (matchmaking players based on connection speed, etc.), various programs were used to maintain Defense of the Ancients. External tools pinged player's locations, and games could be named to exclude geographic regions.[17] Clans and committees such as TDA maintained their own official list of rules and regulations, and players could be kicked from matches by being placed on "banlists".[17] While increasingly popular, DotA Allstars remained limited as a custom map in Warcraft III, relying on manual matchmaking, updates, and containing no tutorials.[11]

You can use keystroke combinations, called keyboard shortcuts, to perform tasks more quickly on your Mac. Keyboard shortcuts include one or more modifier keys (such as Caps Lock or Control) and a final key, pressed at the same time. For example, instead of moving the pointer to the menu bar to choose File > New Window, you can press the Command and N keys.

I'm trying to configure custom keys through WarKeys, the WarCraft 3/DOTA Custom Keyboard shortcut mapping tool and getting an error when I try to export my mappings. I went through and modified the defaults and then selected "Save to CustomKeys.txt" and get the error message below. Now I have Warcraft installed on a different drive and at first thought it might the way I named the path, but I also tried changing it without the symbols but it still showed the same message. Help?

first of all warkeys are outdated - so I recommend you to use dota customkeys generator onlinesecond - save customkeys.txt on desktop or in document folder and then copy it to your warcraft III folder.

Every wipe there are players wondering, what are the best Customs keys in Escape from Tarkov? You have to spend a lot of time doing early quests there, so it's very beneficial to know the most valuable keys. We have prepared a guide on that topic.

D 2 VC X Z ( notice that i used since dota 1 to play with X -> Z instead of Z ->X its backwards while looking the keyboard:P and i setted up my hotkeys like that for the first time by mistake and i never changed them )

The GMMK is a bit of the opposite of the Ducky, it excels at customization, the GMMK allows you to use any 5-pin switch with the keyboard. You can pick from hundreds of switch types to deck out your keyboard.

Synapse software allows for a good amount of customization on the Huntsman Mini, allowing you to assign multiple Hypershift buttons to access the second layer of function keys, something that I think would be a huge benefit on Ducky and GMMK.

The G Pro X keyboard has quite a sturdy design, the keyboard feels solid and hefty with smooth stabilizers that minimize rattle. The software works well and allows you to re-map all keys and set up lighting zones per your preference.

Advanced gaming technologies in a sophisticated ultra-thin design. Fully customizable, equipped with LIGHTSYNC RGB and dedicated G-keys. Engineered for high-performance gameplay with low-profile GL mechanical switches in clicky, tactile, and linear variations. Experience G815 and play the next dimension.

Get the speed, accuracy and performance at half the height of traditional switches. Low-profile GL mechanical switches are rigorously tested to meet strict endurance, responsiveness, and accuracy requirements. Available in three switch types:GL Clicky - audible click and tactile feedbackGL Tactile - a gentle bump for some tactile feedbackGL Linear - a completely smooth keystroke 350c69d7ab


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