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[S4E21] Womb Raider

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Piper finds out from Dr. Harris that there's considerable scarring in her womb, and it will be very difficult for her to ever have a baby. She takes it very hard, remembering she saw her future daughter. Phoebe and Leo rush into the manor; Phoebe is still holding her stomach. Flames shoot from the top of her head. Suddenly, the Tall Man teleports in. Piper tries to blast him, but it has no effect. Leo tries to hit him with a chair, but he absorbs the whole chair. Paige runs in to help. The baby forces Phoebe to kick Paige into the Tall Man, and they both disappear.

Piper tells Leo about the scarring in her womb, but Piper told Leo she is still determined to keep trying. Piper gives Phoebe Cole's letter; it says that his love for her is all that's keeping him alive. 59ce067264


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