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Buy Harry Potter Tickets

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Buy Harry Potter Tickets

As you have probably seen already on the official website, the tickets sell out very fast and it is almost impossible to get a ticket last minute. Normally, you need to book the tickets in advance, usually 3-4 months ahead.

However, the good news is that there are a lot of resellers that can sell the tickets and you can check all of them to see if something is available. You are also in the right place to avoid checking tens of websites: in fact, TourScanner aggregates all of them and you can easily check what is available.

Yes, the tickets are sold on resale very often. There are several resellers that offer several kinds of tours at a different price. We recommend using a search engine like TourScanner to many websites offering tickets on resale.

Yes, it is possible and it happens quite frequently, especially on weekdays. It happens because people can cancel their visits and it might happen up to a few days in advance (very seldom 1-2 days before). If you do not find anything available now, we recommend keeping looking during the next days to see if something comes back again on resale. A good idea is always to check TourScanner, so you make sure to see if something becomes available on one of the several websites that offer the tickets on resale.

Below you can find more info about what you will see in the Warner Bros. Studio, often referred as Harry Potter World or Harry Potter Museum; you will learn how much tickets cost and how to book them, how to get there and more!

Yes and no. The price for this attraction is rather expensive, but it always depends on the value of the visit for each of us. The cheapest tickets that you can find are on the official website. However, they are sold out most of the time. Therefore, the second cheapest way to get a ticket for the Harry Potter Studio Tour is to compare all the websites reselling the tickets and get the cheapest deal.

Instead, the tickets from resellers include bus transport to the Studio. However, if you would like to reach the Studio with your private car and you are looking for Harry Potter Studio tickets without transport, you can still buy the ones including the transportation and contact the tour operator after booking it, saying that you will meet your guide directly at the Studio. Please remember to communicate it to the company; otherwise, you will not be able to meet the guide at the Studio and get the entrance ticket. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a discount for not using the transport.

These deluxe tickets are part of a VIP trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which sometimes has availability when other places are sold out. The VIP package includes a transfer from your hotel in Central London, a 2-hour fully-guided tour of the Warner Bros studio and re-entry into the studio for a self-guided visit. It also includes lots of extras such as a meal, Butterbeer and video of you flying a broomstick.

This voucher package starts at 99 per person. It includes a stay in a hotel and Studio Tour tickets. You can choose from a selection of different 3 and 4-star hotel options, and stay for 1-3 nights. Please note that only after purchase can you select specific dates. If the date you are looking for is sold out, you can cancel your voucher within 14 days to receive a 100% refund.

We understand that you might have planned your whole holiday around visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London only to discover that tickets are sold out. But Tourist England offers several Harry Potter themed tours which are a great way to spend a day or two with the family!

You might consider a more expensive option, which is to take a fully guided Harry Potter Studio Tour which includes escorted train tickets from London Euston Station. The great advantage of this option is that not only is it a fully guided tour, but you also get to stay on as long as you want after the official tour has ended, with time perhaps to check out the café and souvenir


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