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Video: There Is An Elephant In The Driveway! PATCHED

Despite being there for years, these elephants have recently gotten a wave of new attention from passersby, and some curious readers have asked the Voice to look into the story behind this unique display.

Video: There is an elephant in the driveway!

So that's how the large elephant ultimately landed in front of the couple's house, just to the right of the driveway for all to see. Maung says he isn't disappointed. In fact, he's quite happy having his showpiece elephants right next to his porch. They've become used to people stopping to take a look or snap a photo.

The center's youngest elephant is Mike, who will be 2 in August, and the oldest is Mysore, who is 69. One elephant, 6-year-old Barack, was conceived by artificial insemination. Since the center opened in 1995, 26 elephants have been born there.

From the Chimney Rock parking lot, walk down the driveway 150 feet (50 meters), bear left at the Y, and continue along the Fish Docks access road another 260 feet (80 meters) to the trailhead for the Elephant Seal Overlook Trail. The relatively flat dirt trail leads 850 feet (260 meters) northwest to the Elephant Seal Overlook. While it may be possible to view northern elephant seals from here on any given day of the year, December through March is the period during which visitors may view several hundred elephant seals hauled out at the southwest end of Drakes Beach as the seals return to give birth and to mate. 350c69d7ab


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