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Buy Used Hasselblad

Purchasing used Hasselblad equipment from auction sites is not without risk, either. Again, theprice of the equipment is based on the cosmetic appearance. But again, you have to be careful. A piece of equipmentthat is in great cosmetic condition may have been used veryheavily, could have worn parts, or may not even be working properly. It's just like buying a usedcar. Appearances can be deceiving.

buy used hasselblad


I guarantee each piece of equipment for sixmonths.Should there be any mechanical problems with any piece of equipmentthat you purchase from me, I will correct that problem, with no chargefor either the parts or labor, for six months from the date ofpurchase. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by impact,water, sand or abuse.

In USA, KEH is probably the safest bet in terms of standing behind used vintage cameras and accepting returns without drama. They aren't quite the "miracle dealer" they used to be pre-internet and pre-eBay: 20 years ago they were famous for incredibly vigilant pre-sale inspections and accurate descriptions of cosmetic wear and optical/mechanical functionality. Today, not so much: to remain competitive they've become a bit more sloppy. In a broad sense, if they rate something like a 500cm as "Exc+" it is very likely to be perfect, but the promise of perfect will cost you. You can save a great deal of money opting for Exc, Exc-, or "Bargain" but this incurs much higher risk they missed a serious defect that would make you want to return/exchange the item.

In their heyday, KEH was beloved for "under-rating" most of their stuff: items they rated and priced as "Bargain" were considered "Exc+" by all other buyers/sellers. KEH was like a secret goldmine of reasonably priced, sure fire camera gear. Today, the volume and speed of web transactions prevents KEH from doing such meticulous pre-screening, so the more affordable items you might occasionally need to return or exchange (I think they do still carefully vet anything they rate Exc+ or Mint-). That said, KEH is probably still THE used camera dealer in North America in terms of stock and customer service. Go to their own website for best selection: they mostly list their lowest-rated "Ugly" stuff on eBay.

Be sure your prism is calibrated to whichever viewing screen you use. The oldest model PME I use was originally calibrated for the dark screens, but the one I bought used recently just happened to have been calibrated for an Acute-Matte screen, so I was all set. Just set your ASA dial as needed to get the correct reading; no need to send it out.

When selecting a set of lenses, know that the classic Hasselblad set is the 50/4, 80/2.8 and 150/4 (28mm, 44mm and 80mm equivalents). Add the 250/5.6 (135mm equivalent) if you like, and you're done. These are all Ansel Adams ever needed. He shot most of his commercial and later work on HASSELBLAD. Thankfully these popular ones are the most useful and therefore most plentiful today used.

While the 40mm (21mm equivalent) and 50mm (28mm equivalent) lenses were completely redesigned and greatly improved in 1982, the legendary 38mm (20mm equivalent) BIOGON lens of the SWC used from 19542001 was downgraded slightly in 2001 when they stopped using leaded glass, and also was otherwise unchanged for 59 years!

Newer lenses (CB and CFi) got cheaper and used more plastic; they added fluff like automation for use with the newer bodies. This is why I suggest the CF lenses for use today: best quality and lowest prices.

I was pleasantly surprised when I launched the Phocus app on my MacBook Pro. The last time I used the program was over three years ago and it left a lot to be desired. It has become much more functional and has a user-interface that is similar to Capture One. I use it to make global adjustments and then pull it into Photoshop for skin editing. You can also pull the files directly into Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC if you prefer.

I had a couple emails last week from some asking me if I knew where they could buy a used X1D. I happened to check B&H Photo this morning for just that and low and behold they have 3-4 available used, at a savings. Even the black set, with 45mm lens, which is a special edition set comes in for less than I paid for my silver and is practically new at a 9+ condition rating. See that HERE.

Nonetheless, we are consistently seeing rising prices for film cameras on the used market (as well as vintage lenses). New producers of film enter the market frequently and both black and white and color 35mm, 120 (medium format), and 45 film are readily available.

Mamiya, at the time known for its C series of 6x6cm TLRs, Mamiya Six, Mamiya Press, and RB67 6x7cm medium format cameras released its first 64.5cm camera body in 1975. The 645 format had not been used in forty years, making the Mamiya 645 the first medium format SLR to use the 645 format, which allowed for 15 shots on 120, or 30 on 220 (the more popular 66 format would produce 12 shots on 120 and 24 on 220).

Since these rangefinders transport the film horizontally, unlike most other 64.5 cameras which move vertically, images are captured in portrait orientation when the camera is held normally. This can take a little getting used to, especially if you primarily shoot in landscape orientation.

The WestLicht Photographica Auction in Vienna registered a hammer price of 550,000 euros (660,000 euros with the buyer's premium, or about $910,400 US) for a Hasselblad Electronic Data Camera (EDC) that the gallery described as having been used by astronaut James Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission.

"This Hasselblad used on the fourth NASA [moon landing] mission between July 26th to August 7th, 1971 made its way back to Earth, finally landing at the WestLicht auction house," the sale's organizers wrote. [NASA's Apollo Moon Missions: A Photo Timeline]

Most of the cameras that the Apollo astronauts used on the lunar surface were left there to reduce the weight of the moon-rock-laden returning spacecraft. Evidence exists however, for at least four of the Hasselblads to have been brought back to Earth, including Irwin's, which had locked up during the mission and was returned for analysis.

If the camera sold by WestLicht is the same Hasselblad EDC that Irwin used to take 299 photos while exploring the moon, then it is not clear how it made its way from federal property to private hands.

Much like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed must work together to create a balanced image, offering quality used products requires a harmony between testing machinery, purpose-built tools, & knowledgeable technicians.

Browse for used Hasselblad lenses for sale from our range, which includes XCD lenses for the ultra compact X System and HC and HCD Lenses for medium format H System modular cameras. Save over the cost of buying new with a selection of used Hasselblad lenses to choose from, all of which include a six-month warranty for complete peace of mind.

Shop with confidence, all of our used Hasselblad lenses are thoroughly checked prior to being listed for sale. Trained technicians follow comprehensive procedures when inspecting pre-loved equipment. This includes checking for any signs of damage, examining optical elements, ensuring focus and zoom rings work correctly and inspecting for dust in the optics. Once satisfied an item is fully functional it is listed with an accurate description, enabling you to make an informed and stress-free decision when shopping for used Hasselblad XCD lenses with us.

Adding additional focal widths to your repertoire opens up new creative possibilities and helps take your work in different directions. Whether you shoot fashion, portraits, weddings or any other subjects, we have the perfect used Hasselblad lens to satisfy the demands of high-end mirrorless medium format cameras.

Buying used equipment also represents an excellent way to save money when compared to the cost of buying new, while still enjoying the peace of mind which comes from our quality assurance process. All second-hand equipment also includes a free six-month warranty unless otherwise stated, adding to the list of benefits which keeps our customers coming back to us.

The best used Hasselblad lens for X System cameras is the XCD 45mm f/3.5, which offers a classic focal width in a compact and portable form. For H System, the Hasselblad HC 120mm f/4 is an excellent used prime lens with a telephoto range and beautiful subject separation.

Another in a series taking a look at some of the tools I have used to make my pictures over the years. Last month I did a couple of posts on the Rollei SL66. Next up we're going to look at the Hasselblad Superwide (SWC). The SWC is a camera that has a rich tradition across many types of photography. Developed in the 1950's to fit a very special lens made by Karl Zeiss to a camera body, it was a camera made to accommodate a lens rather than the other way around. It was also completely unique in the Hasselblad line of cameras and, indeed, across all of photography.

The camera used a fixed 38mm f3.5 Carl Zeiss Biogon lens, in a 120mm square format that used interchangeable backs. As it had no mirror, it was viewfinder-based with focusing determined by guessing the distance then setting the feet on the barrel of the lens. It had no meter, no electronics at all. It was also very small due to having no mirror so it really was a one-handed camera.

I had two of them. The first one I bought used in 1978 (from Phil Levine) and then sold it in 1984 to buy an 8 x 10 view camera. By 1996 I was back into one and bought it new. By this time its price had become very high and the body had been revised slightly.

I don't know if people have the same degree of connectedness with their cameras these days or not. And I generally don't like to attribute huge importance to the tool used to make our art. But the SWC and I were figuratively connected at the hip. I still am in awe at what it allowed me to do, make pictures that span over 25 years of my career that are as close to me as anything I have ever done, seminal works that formed the basis for my practice. Finally, I learned much of the methodology from it that I still use today when I photograph, though I am now working exclusively with digital cameras. 041b061a72


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