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There were people everywhere, some white, but mostly men of a million assortments of brown, dressed in Sunday clothes and white shoes, some with string ties and felt hats and bow ties and bowler hats and brightly colored short sleeved shirts. There were men who had faces twisted with laughter and men with chattering mouths full of solid gold bars of teeth and men with smirking smiles and men with eyes that [End Page 319] crouched with anger. They stood in the entrances of banks and schools and post office and clinics and police station; in the entrances of the towering government buildings. They stood in the narrow entrances of bars holding glasses full of rum and bottles of beer and sticks of cigarette and rolls of tobacco. They talked and guffawed with crooked and corroded faces and slammed dominoes on upturned crates. They stood in the shade of Ortanique orchards with their legs wide apart, hugged their balls and thought of their frustrated longings. They stood with their legs wide apart, a row of them, backs to the street, pissing and waving their blue cocks. They sat on wooden benches with their legs crossed at the knees and with their legs spread out in front of them and folded at the ankles and with their legs collapsed underneath them in a squat. They leaned against broken down stone walls, against the wrought iron gates that protected the colonial monuments; they wrapped themselves with frail, sinewy arms, they talked in loud voices, with wet eyes, about politics and the infertile land and the approaching drought and about their...

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