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120003 ~UPD~

The pump stator bushings in Renault AL-4 and DPO units are prone to wear from normal operation, and are difficult to remove without damaging the housing bore I.D. Sonnax offers small pump stator bushing 120003-01 and large pump stator bushing 120003-02 independently or as part of pump stator bushing kit 120003K. Removal tool [120003-TL] to allow easy bushing removal without damaging the bore.


If safe_mode is True (default), this method performs another setof conversions to guarantee that the UPC-E barcodes generated can beconverted to UPC-A, and that UPC-A barcode can be converted back to theoriginal UPC-E barcode. Using the example above, even if the bases120003 or 120004 are used, the resulting UPC-E barcode willalways use the base 120000. 041b061a72


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