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For information on upcoming James Beard Foundation events, visit[ "name": "Ad - NativeInline - Injected", "component": "38482495", "insertPoint": "3", "requiredCountToDisplay": "5" , "name": "Real 1 Player (r2) - Inline", "component": "38482494", "insertPoint": "2/3", "requiredCountToDisplay": "9" ]Teacher: "There are some great kids, with good parents, and they find a way -- but you can't really even teach the right way, because every class has three or four kids that are out of control. You tell them to do something or just tell them to sit down, and they say 'Fuck you, bitch,' and you can't do anything about it."Administrator: "The violent kids are running the schools. They take up so much time and effort; it's a total diversion from teaching. It can't be done."School Psychologist: "There are not enough personnel to deal with the behavior problems. We talk to the parents, but there's no follow-through, no discipline in the homes . . . They do stop the other kids from learning." Teacher: "I've been here 20 years, and I hate to say this, but there is no hope for the Cleveland schools. None." Happy Anniversary This year marks the 25th anniversary of Federal Judge Frank Battisti's order to desegregate the Cleveland schools. Evidence brought by the NAACP had proved that racism in the district resulted not only from the city's historic pattern of segregated housing, but from a concerted effort by the school board and administrators to keep individual schools virtually all white or all black. Battisti's mandated corrections were righteous, severe, and ultimately disastrous. In a series of rulings that reflected a mounting frustration with his inability to reshape the schools by sheer force of will and federal power, Battisti resorted to an ill-conceived philosophy best defined by the infamous Vietnam War-era statement: "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."Over the next two decades, the system was reduced to rubble -- carpet-bombed by draconian judges, inept administrators, squabbling school boards, drooling bus-company owners, and happy lawyers.The cost was staggering: hundreds of millions to ship children back and forth; tens of millions in legal fees; countless millions in revenues lost, as parents expressed their rage at the polls, voting down school levies at every opportunity. Sixteen superintendents in 21 years paid with their jobs. And the highest price was paid by Cleveland kids -- an entire generation denied the chance for a decent education.Finally, in the mid-'90s, a consortium of city leaders and activists resolved to rescue the schools. After successfully campaigning in 1996 for a levy to bail the system out of what State Auditor Jim Petro described as "a financial crisis that is perhaps unprecedented in the history of American education," Mayor Mike White won direct control over the schools. With absolute authority in hand, and a compliant school board of his own choosing, White began a nationwide search for a superintendent to lead the Cleveland Municipal School District out of the wilderness.Enter Barbara Byrd-Bennett.She flew into town in 1998, on the wings of the finest résumé and most charismatic presence to be found among the admittedly thin ranks of successful urban-school administrators. She had graduated high school at 16 and earned a college diploma at 19, then a master's degree in English at NYU, and another in education administration at Pace. Over 22 years, she advanced through the ranks of the New York City School District.She became superintendent of the Chancellor's District, a 10-school subset composed of Manhattan's worst-perfor


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