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Where Can I Buy Party Food Platters

Costco is a popular bulk foods store that offers a variety of goods at low prices. Costco also offers catering services for events such as parties, weddings, and corporate functions.Costco catering menu is a great way to save money on food while still providing a variety of options for your guests. The Costco catering menu includes a variety of hot and cold dishes, as well as a wide selection of desserts.Catering from Costco also offers a wide selection of beverages, including soda, water, and tea. You can also order custom cakes and cupcakes from Costco for your event.Costco Catering PlattersCostco Catering platter are the perfect way to feed a large group of people. Costco offers a variety of platters, including fruit, cheese, meat, and veggie platters.They also offer a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and sushi. The Costco Catering platters are reasonably priced and come in a variety of sizes.

where can i buy party food platters

A few types of Costco catering Platters are given below,Costco Chicken Wing PlatterCostco Croissant Sandwich PlatterCostco Chicken & Swiss RollersCostco Shrimp PlatterCostco Meat & Cheese PlatterCostco Sushi PlatterHow to order Costco Catering?You can order online or over the phone, and they will deliver the food to your location. Costco Catering is also very affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded party planners.To order Costco Catering, simply visit their website and select the desired menu items. You will also need to provide your contact information and delivery address. Costco Party Platter ReviewsReviews for Costco party platters are highly positive. Customers praise the quality of their food and the generous portions that come in each platter.Many customers say that having Costco party platters to cater their events makes hosting much easier and more affordable.

Hi Rebecca, the largest catering platters from Costco feed anywhere from 16-24 people, so you'd need at least 3. You can always double-check with them when you order, in case they can offer you a larger size.

Deli trays and veggie platters are a crowd-pleasing solution to offering fun and variety to your guests. Once the event is over, simply store the food items in the refrigerator and toss the single-use tray in the recycle bin. Clean-up is a cinch.

Whether you are treating yourself after a hard week or looking to wow your guests at a party, Boards & Platters is the perfect addition to connect to ourselves and each other over custom curated charcuterie boards and grazing platters. 041b061a72


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